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New Products – March 2016

We have added a few new products this month: The Phonics and Morphology Teachers’ Resource show you the Phonics and Morphology Decks’ content is a convenient form for lesson planning. Each page has the contents of nine cards. In addition, there is a table at the contents that makes finding the concepts’ cards easy, and recording sheets […]

example of practice paper

Practice Paper App Available for iPhones and iPads

Our Practice Paper app is available now on iPhones and iPads, for $0.99 (US),  on the App Store. This app allows you to print blank paper for your students to use during your lessons. We recommend that you use the gray version. Choose the line widths according to each student’s level — use wider spacing […]

Roots Concentration Game Redux

If you have several students at the same time, use the Latin or Greek roots games for concentration. Giving your students a foundation of the Latin and Greek roots is a great way to start the school year. For students who are preparing to take the SATs in the spring, the morphology roots games can […]

Research on the Benefits of Handwriting–Including Cursive

An article in the New York Times, What’s Lost as Handwriting Fades, makes the case that there is great value in handwriting, even in the age of desktop, laptop, and tablet computers and smart phones. In one study, Dr. Karin James, at Indiana University, showed letters to young children, who then drew them on a blank piece […]

Errata published

There are a few errors in our Phonics and Morphology Teachers’ Edition decks. They are documented here. If errors are found in other products, they will be documented on the same page.

Matching Cards for Latin and Greek Roots

These products, recently sold at the NOBIDA symposium, are now listed for sale on this site: Greek Root Cards + Latin Root Cards With obvious commercial intent, we suggest buying two of each of Latin root cards (and likewise for the Greek root cards) so that you can alternate between having your students find the meanings, […]

Learning from the student (1)

Using our phonics and morphology deck, a tutor presented the “pon” root to a student. The student read the list of example words on the back, and immediately identified a missing word. “You don’t have ‘deposit’.” The student was using our beta deck. This is corrected in the version that is now for sale.

Researching and Recognizing Strengths in Dyslexics

A recent Scientific American article discusses some areas in which people with dyslexia excel, compared to the general population. One finding: dyslexics can recognize impossible figures, like M.C. Escher’s “waterfall”, faster than people who learn to read “normally”. In addition, I was surprised to learn that when people learned to read, they lost some visual abilities. Some […]

Tixlers Products for Homeschoolers

Tixlers Letters’ products are effective and efficient tools for teaching reading and writing, based on Montessori and Orton-Gillingham principles. Our products are used by teachers and tutors across the US and Canada, and they are a good fit for homeschooling. The multisensory cards help you teach your children systematically and sequentially – phonetics, manuscript and […]

Tixlers products also for sale at

Our website doesn’t yet include credit-card processing for making orders. For your convenience in using a credit card, we have listed our products on Amazon. Follow that link, or else search for “Tixlers Letters” under office products. [PS: If you use this site, please create the order, select the pay by check option, and then […]