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Morphology Magnets

Using the morphology magnets to build vocabulary

When your students learn to recognize the roots, prefixes, suffixes, and connectors in the words they read, they will be able to remember the meanings, spell them correctly, and generalize to unfamiliar words. The morphology magnets are an easy and fun way to build vocabulary, comprehension, and spelling. Here is an example of how to integrate […]

New Products – March 2016

We have added a few new products this month: The Phonics and Morphology Teachers’ Resource show you the Phonics and Morphology Decks’ content is a convenient form for lesson planning. Each page has the contents of nine cards. In addition, there is a table at the contents that makes finding the concepts’ cards easy, and recording sheets […]

Researching and Recognizing Strengths in Dyslexics

A recent Scientific American article discusses some areas in which people with dyslexia excel, compared to the general population. One finding: dyslexics can recognize impossible figures, like M.C. Escher’s “waterfall”, faster than people who learn to read “normally”. In addition, I was surprised to learn that when people learned to read, they lost some visual abilities. Some […]