Roots Concentration Game Redux

If you have several students at the same time, use the Latin or Greek roots games for concentration. Giving your students a foundation of the Latin and Greek roots is a great way to start the school year. For students who are preparing to take the SATs in the spring, the morphology roots games can help them jumpstart their independent study of all the┬ároots – and affixes in general. Students who are going to take the SATs this fall can use these games to make sure they are rock-solid on these roots.

You can also create a “roots bee”, where each student must provide the meaning, given the root, or the root, given the meaning.

For a thorough morphology exercise, provide an example work, and then have the student identify the root, give the meaning, and tell the language of origin.

You can find example words on the back of the Latin and Greek root cards in the Tixlers Phonics and Morphology Deck, Teachers’ Edition.