Shipping Policy


We ship all of our products via the US Postal Service to locations in the US and Canada. Our normal shipping is via Media Rate to US customers. You may select premium shipping, which is via first class mail or priority mail.

Our goal is to ship within two business days. We often ship the same day or the next day. As we are a small business, vacation or business travel may delay shipment.

The shipping rates are calculated by adding a base amount and a percentage of your order value. The base amount and percentages may vary depending on what country we ship to and what shipping class you have selected.

For shipments within the US, we use the USPS tracking service, and after we ship the order we supply you with that tracking number by email.

By arrangement with us (for instance, when we are attending the same conference) we can deliver your order to you. In such cases, we will supply a free shipping coupon.

We rely on correct information in the order. We are not responsible for mishandled orders if any order information is incorrectly entered. However we will work with you to resolve any issues.