About us

Cathy and Howard Bussey started Tixlers Letters a few years ago, based on a need for a better way to teach handwriting. One of Cathy’s students was dysgraphic. Sandpaper letters worked, but they were big, heavy, and unpleasant for many students. They created the cursive handwriting deck, and went on from there. They focus their business on effective and efficient tools to build the foundations of literacy. These include¬†the textured writing and phonics decks and the phonics and morphology decks.

Cathy tutors at the Childrens’ Dyslexia Center in Rochester NY, as well as privately. She has an engineering background and a Master’s Degree in Mathematics, Science, and Technology Education from St. John Fisher University. She is certified as a New York state teacher. She has been teaching, and learning to teach, for about three decades.

Howard has a psychology, mathematics, linguistics, computers, and engineering background, and a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley.

N.B.: Tixlers is a DBA of Pixel Resources, LLC.