Traceable Cursive Letters


  • Textured upper and lower case cursive letters
  • Effective and efficient multi-sensory instruction and learning
  • Muscle memory training prior to pencil and paper practice
  • Letter groupings (according to strokes) for simplified teaching and learning
  • Automaticity through easy practice


The Traceable Cursive Letters lower and upper case edition card set contains 31 cards, 4" x 6", with the 26 letters. There are two versions of the y: one as a hill letter and one as an i-stroke letter. There are also several additional reference cards. The cards are made from durable cover stock. The texturing is integrated with the printing, providing a distinctive surface that is also smoother than, for example, sandpaper. On the letters, green dots show where to start, and yellow dots show where to change direction. The red dots remind the students to dot the i and j letters, and to cross t, x, F, and X. The reference cards, as well as the color bars on the cards' tops and bottoms, show the letter groups. The color bars allow teachers to quickly find letters in the desired letter group. The reference cards also suggest ways to use the cards to help teach handwriting. By using these cards in an instructional program, the students can be confident and capable before they try writing cursive with pencil and paper.

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Dimensions 6 × 4 × 0.5 in


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