Traceable Phonics Cards-Cursive


  • Textured cursive phonics cards
  • Effective and efficient multi-sensory instruction and learning
  • Tactile features train muscle memory prior to pencil and paper practice
  • Phonics feature groups indicated with letter coloring and with card border markers so it is easy and quick to find desired cards


The Phonics Deck is a set of 110 cards, 4″ x 6″. There are 26 cards for each vowel and consonant. There are 84 more cards with the multi-letter combinations, comprising vowel groups, vowel-consonant groups, consonant-vowel groups, spelling rules, and consonant groups. This deck uses the same cursive letters as the Tixlers Traceable Cursive Letters lower case edition. The letters are connected, allowing use of this deck to reinforce cursive handwriting. The cards are made from durable cover-stock. The texturing is integrated with the printing, providing a distinctive surface that is also smoother than, for example, sandpaper. This deck has the same content as the Traceable Manuscript Letters phonics deck, differing only in the use of the cursive letters rather than the manuscript font. The cursive used in this product is the first edition of the font used in our cursive handwriting deck.

Additional information

Weight 1.25 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 1.5 in


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