InitialHomePage – re-imag[in]ed!

This is using WordPress under the hood. The first version was created with Dreamweaver in Adobe Creative Suite. This is a great improvement, in my opinion. [For those of you who read this, remember the old site, and disagree, I’d be interested in your reasoning – please leave a comment.]

Basically, I mouse, click, and type to build a website with high functionality. You can read about the components I use below. But this software lets the focus remain on the content and the results. This website’s content will be about teaching and learning writing and reading – tips, techniques, research summaries, book reviews, and materials. This content will be appropriate for normal readers, dyslexic readers, normal writers, dysgraphic or dyslexic writers, and their teachers, tutors, parents, siblings, and friends. The hoped-for results are two fold

  1. readers have additional knowledge about writing and reading
  2. readers have access to materials to effectively and efficiently teach or learn writing and reading

In other words, this web site should help its readers focus on the content and results by providing useful tools for the job at hand – just like the software components I used allow focus on the content necessary to achieve the above results.

For the time being, only the “pay by check” payment method is enabled. Payment by credit card is in the works. When available, it will be announced on this blog.

The software components are WordPress (, the Mystile theme and WooCommerce plugin (, the Ultimate Coming Soon plugin (, and the Force Regenerate Thumbnails plugin (