Phonics and Morphology Teachers’ Resource


The Phonics and Morphology Deck – Teachers’ Edition booklet reproduces the 416 cards, packed with phonograms, words, prefixes, suffixes, roots, and rules, that are in the Tixlers Phonics and Morphology Teachers’; Edition decks. This booklet helps you plan your lessons effectively and efficiently, since you can look at the backs of 18 cards at once.


The Phonics and Morphology Deck – Teachers’ Resource reproduces the back of each card in the teachers’ edition deck in a form that is convenient for preparing lessons. With cards for each of the phonograms, words, roots, prefixes, suffixes, and rules, making your way through our Phonics and Morphology deck to prepare for your students’ next lessons is a breeze when you use this companion book. Each page has the back of nine cards, shows you the contents of 18 cards each time you turn the page. Turn the page twice and you’ve seen the 37 consonant blends. You can review the words for creating teacher-made reading lists, or spelling lists, or to make sure that the student should be able to read the words on the back — without searching through the decks. The learned words are presented more compactly since there are no associated word lists, rules, etc.

The color-coded table of contents helps you find the card you need quickly. We have also included a recording sheet so you can note results from assessments, the date you introduced or reviewed a concept, or other information.

This edition matches the Phonics and Morphology Student Edition and Teachers’ Edition decks.

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