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Researching and Recognizing Strengths in Dyslexics

A recent Scientific American article discusses some areas in which people with dyslexia excel, compared to the general population. One finding: dyslexics can recognize impossible figures, like M.C. Escher’s “waterfall”, faster than people who learn to read “normally”. In addition, I was surprised to learn that when people learned to read, they lost some visual abilities. Some […]

Tixlers Products for Homeschoolers

Tixlers Letters’ products are effective and efficient tools for teaching reading and writing, based on Montessori and Orton-Gillingham principles. Our products are used by teachers and tutors across the US and Canada, and they are a good fit for homeschooling. The multisensory cards help you teach your children systematically and sequentially – phonetics, manuscript and […]

Tixlers products also for sale at Amazon.com

Our website doesn’t yet include credit-card processing for making orders. For your convenience in using a credit card, we have listed our products on Amazon. Follow that link, or else search for “Tixlers Letters” under office products. [PS: If you use this site, please create the order, select the pay by check option, and then […]