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Our website doesn’t yet include credit-card processing for making orders. For your convenience in using a credit card, we have listed our products on Amazon. Follow that link, or else search for “Tixlers Letters” under office products. [PS: If you use this site, please create the order, select the pay by check option, and then […]

LDA 2014 Conference, Day 1b

On Wednesday, I attended Donna Knoell‘s session: “Helping students with learning disabilities understand mathematics concepts and solve problems.” She suggested lots of different strategies to use in this difficult area. With all of her suggestions, she kept the basic goals in mind – teach the students to make sense of the problems and to persevere […]

LDA 2014 Conference, Day 1a

I’m at the 51st conference of the Learning Disabilities Association. I have booth duty for Tixlers Letters, but I’ve been able to attend the keynote talks, and also a few sessions. Yesterday was day 1, and Catherine Collier, of Cross-Cultural Developmental Education Services, gave the keynote. She talked about some of the challenges of educating […]